Today is one of those days…

Today Donald Trump told a group in FL, “No, I meant he’s the founder of ISIS. I do. He was the most valuable player. I give him the most valuable player award. I give her, too, by the way, Hillary Clinton.”

And yet there are people who will willingly enter the polls and vote for this… People that I may even know (!) but for the life of me cannot understand or even recognize anymore. People whom I wish I could hold and ask, “Help me understand; please, help me to understand what happened in your life that could make this person someone you would willingly choose? Who or what has hurt you so much to make you think this is a better choice for your life and your future; for the future of your children and grandchildren? Who are ‘those people’ that have damaged or threatened the way you live your life to the point that you think this choice will lead to something better for you and the rest of your country?” I can understand a lack of intelligence or education, a lack of facts or blatant disregard for facts, for history, a lack of political acumen or diplomacy or international affairs. I get that a segment of the population (sadly, more than I thought) thrives on bigotry, hate, fear, and schadenfreude. What I cannot understand is the disregard, no: contempt, for common decency. What I cannot comprehend is the willingness for that same segment of the population to turn a blind eye, to remain unwilling to see the “angry mob bearing torches” mentality that is continually fueled by this unending, insouciant commentary which advocates violence and hate and “us vs. them” on a daily basis. A commentary that celebrates separation and divisiveness, fueled with {barely} veiled threats disguised as the most malevolent “humor,” a commentary that is creating a tear in the very heart and fabric of our society. There are days when my Minister’s heart is heavy; days when I cannot stay silent in the face of something so damaging to all that I hold precious about my homeland, most especially the values for which a brother-in-law I never met laid down his life in Viet Nam (not to mention the generations of ancestors that came before him). There are days when I simply want to weep over the harm that human beings are sometimes willing to inflict on their very souls. Mind you, I still believe my God is bigger than any of this… I am not without hope (I am NEVER without hope) but there are days when I am just a little daunted…

Today is one of those days.

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