Lollipops and Love Notes

Last week, I led a discussion at our monthly Wisdom Wednesday gathering and I recounted a story about one of my professors, Bishop Stephen Hoeller (a Gnostic Bishop from Budapest). During one of his lectures he spoke about how the French, when greeting another, will say, enchanté which literally translates to “enchants,” but which loosely means, “I am enchanted.” I find that, well, enchanting! Imagine interacting with others and moving through the world enchanted and delighted by others and by this one precious life we have to live. So I left the Center for Spiritual Living (San Jose) th at night with an intention to find opportunities to be enchanted.

The next day I had an appointment at Kaiser Medical for some lab work to be done which required a 12-hour fast. Got that done, all is well, and I couldn’t wait to get to my car and the cup of coffee I had waiting for me. I wasn’t feeling exactly enchanted because I was slightly rushed and more than slightly hungry! I got into my car, only to have to get back out because there was something on my windshield (insert eye-roll and a huff here). It was a lollipop! A lollipop attached to a little card that said, “You’re doing a great job!” While I was at my appointment, someone was going through the parking lot putting lollipops and love notes on windshields. They were nowhere in sight, but the lollipops were on most of the cars I could see. I caught the eye of another person who had just found their lollipop and love note and we both broke into a wide grin and he called out, “Hah! Well that doesn’t happen every day! “ I said, “Nope. Enjoy the rest of your day,” and he replied, “I will now.”

Don’t you love how Love points the way and the Law makes it possible? So, what intention are you going to set today? I can’t promise you’ll get a lollipop and a love note, but I do know that if you set out to find more enchantment and delight, the Universe will not disappoint. Enchanté!

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